Fliteboard schwebt mit der leichtesten LeistungseFoil der Welt in die Höhe.

Fliteboard, a company based in Australia, has recently revealed the launch of its newest Hydrofoil boards, the Series 3 electric boards. This range includes the latest model called Ultra L, which is a pro-enthusiast model that boasts being the world’s lightweight performance eFoil.

The company’s CEO and founder, David Trewern, states, „Furthering the pursuit of the ultimate ride, Series 3 offers record-breaking developments with the world’s lightest performance eFoil, lightest ever lithium-ion eFoil battery, and the world’s first interchangeable propulsion system.“ He further adds that „these advances will truly change the way we experience the water.“

The Ultra L, which is part of the range, is made of carbon construction and doesn’t have footstraps and handles. It weighs 22.5 kg (49.6 lb), including its Nano Li-ion battery pack. This eFoil targets experienced enthusiasts and is made to provide „the most agile and responsive ride.“

The Flitecell Nano battery, which weighs 6.2 kg (14 lb), can provide a boarding time of around 45 minutes above the water surface. It takes a little under an hour to charge fully. The battery enclosure has also been relocated closer to the new 80-cm (31.5-in) mast to guarantee improved maneuverability, greater lean angles, and minimal swing weight.

The Ultra L comes with a pre-configured Flow wing and a True Glide prop, starting at $13,195.